The Fire-Belly Toads commonly sold in the pet trade are one of two species.
The Oriental Fire-Belly Toads originate from China, Korea, and Southern
Russia. They are bright green with dark green to black spots on top, with a
red and black pattern on the underside. Eastern European Fire-Belly Toads are darker; a brownish green-
gray with black spots on top, and the red and black pattern on the underside.

Fire-Belly Toads are actually frogs, and are merely called toads because of their bumpy skin. They can be 1-
3”, (females typically larger than males) with an average life span of 5-15 years in captivity. They are
communal and enjoy the company of other Fire-Belly Toads. These toads make a great beginner pet for
someone who wants to keep amphibians because they are hardy, active, and fun to watch.


Fire-Belly Toads adapt best to a semi aquatic terrarium (at least 25% water) or a well planted aquarium with
floating plants and several “rafts” made from cork bark or driftwood. As with all amphibians, they will need
dechlorinated, distilled or R.O. water. A 10 gallon tank will easily house 2 toads. In either set-up, filtration is

These toads secrete a toxin that makes them unsavory to predators, and potentially irritating to human skin.
With good filtration and frequent water changes, the toxins are removed, keeping your pet’s water healthy.
Substrate can be coconut fiber, soil, moss, or any combination. Make sure to have 2-3” as they like to burrow.
Fire-Bellies do not require UV lighting, and will do well with standard fluorescent bulbs in a light cycle of 8-12
hours a day. This helps encourage natural daytime behaviors. Lastly, these hardy toads will need no
supplemental heat as they are cold tolerant, and adapt well to most household temperatures.


Live foods work best for toads because they can see movement, making them more interested in
eating/hunting. The primary diet will be calcium dusted crickets and mealworms, the occasional guppy or wax
worm as a treat. Feed every 2-3 days, giving enough for 3-4 crickets per toad.

Treats should be limited -they are high in fat and can cause obesity when given too often. This is the fun,
active time to watch your new pet. Their dinner time antics are great entertainment! Always provide clean
dechlorinated water daily if using a dish. Proper humidity levels should be maintained by frequent misting with
amphibian safe water.


Frequent water changes will be the best thing you can do to keep your pet healthy! 50% once a week with
good filtration is ideal to keep the water healthy. Spot cleaning any debris or waste daily helps keep
maintenance low and your tank looking nice.

Once every 2 weeks you should completely clean out the tank, wash tank/furniture/dishes with soap or dilute
bleach, and water, rinse very well dry, and put back together. This is the time to change your filter as well.

Precautions: ALWAYS wash your hands with soap and water after doing tank maintenance or handling your
Fire-Belly Toads.
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