Degus originate from the Western slopes of the mountains in
Chile, South America. They are part of the Rodent family, and
are related to Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs. If properly cared
for a Degu can live 6-10 years, and make a wonderful pet.
The Degu will reach 5-7”in length with an additional 6” or so
in tail length.


Degus are very active animals and their cage should reflect this. They should be kept in a cage with wire
mesh; both for good ventilation and because they try to chew everything! Make sure you buy something with
small wire spacing to keep them safe. We suggest the SuperPet My First Home.

The cage you choose needs to have a solid bottom (no wire). You will also need a glass water bottle or a
metal bottle holder and a ceramic food dish. Degus love to climb and play, so give them plenty to do in their
home! A few shelves and a wheel will keep them busy. Pine shavings or cellulose bedding is best; avoid
Cedar as it is harmful to Deugus. They also like some sort of hut or house to sleep in as they huddle together
at night.


Every Degu needs a friend! Buying 2 or more same sex Degus from the same litter is usually recomended.
They are extremely social and communal, and can become restless if unsocialized. Sunseed Degu Formula is
the recommended diet, although some owners use Guinea Pig food mixed with Chinchilla food. They also eat
lots of hay. Timothy Hay is the good standard, but we sell several varieties they enjoy as well. Snacks can be
given sparingly, while keeping away from sugary items as they can harm your Degu.

Once or twice per week, they will need a dust bath. They love rolling around in it! This is how they keep their
fur clean and healthy. We sell a few types, as well as dust bath houses for both Chinchillas and Degus. Chew
toys are a good addition for wearing down their teeth.


NEVER pick up your Degu by the tail! It will break off and be very painful for them (and never grows back).
They can become very bonded with their owners! If a Degu sees a person it recognizes it may react with a
variety of sounds.

Degus are very social with both people and each other. However, it is important to remember that nothing can
replace the companionship of another Degu. Always remember to clean out your cage with soap and water
each week, and provide fresh water every day.

When well cared for, Degus make a fun, loving pet for your family. They give lots of entertainment, and
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