Pogona vitticeps, the central (or inland) bearded dragon, is a moderate sized
lizard native to the wide range of arid to semiarid regions of Australia.

This species is very popularly kept as a pet. They are skilled climbers, and often
spend just as much time perching on tree limbs, fence posts, and in bushes as
they do on the ground. They are social and easy to tame and handle, and show
a range of fascinating behaviors that make them interesting to watch.

Their name is derived from the spines that line their throats. These spines usually lie flat but if the dragon
feels threatened the throat is expanded causing the spines to stand up. However, bearded dragons are
generally docile. They are noted for an endearing greeting behavior, in which they lift their front leg in an
almost circular motion, so it looks like they are waving.

10 Gallon tank, with secure lid and clips
Reptile carpet or paper bag for bottom of enclosure
a water dish and salad dish
a heat rock
an overhead light setup with UV and heat
combo hygrometer/ thermometer
a reptile spray bottle
a hideout and something to climb (branches or driftwood)
cricket/mealworms as diet
calcium powder

In the wild, bearded dragons are omnivores, eating a mixture of invertebrate and vertebrate prey (such as
insects and smaller animals) as well as plant material. In captivity, they should be fed a combination of
insects (mostly crickets, with a variety of other cultured insect prey) and greens and vegetables. Give fresh
water and salad daily, with insects 3-4 times per week. Mist your Beardie’s enclosure at least 1 time per day
to maintain some humidity.

As mentioned, bearded dragons are generally docile, and can be easily handled with minimal socialization or
effort into taming. It is important to scoop them up under the belly and support their belly in the palm of your
hand with your fingers gently curled over the body.
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