Bettas or Siamese Fighting Fish originate from the slow moving streams
and bogs of tropical Southeast Asia (Siam now known as Thailand).
This fish has some basic needs that when met allow them a relatively long
life of three to five years.


Fish tank or appropriate container
Reverse Osmosis, Distilled, Drinking,
or Tap Water with a dechlorinator
Gravel and Decor
Betta Food-freeze dried and flakes are most accepted,
pellets may be used cautiously
John’s “Waste Removal System”
Heater if needed


First and foremost is the need for warm water... between seventy-six and eighty-four degrees is optimal. Their
native home of Thailand is a very warm climate. Bettas like clean water, but bowls don’t lend themselves to
taditional filtration methods. Hence the creation of our “High-Tech Waste Removal System”.

Everyday all one has to do is remove one turkey baster(made by Hagen) of water from the bowl and replace it
with a like quantity of fresh water (list above). This ensures a nice clean environment for your pet. The water
you remove from the bowl may be given to your houseplants (watch them grow like crazy from all the
nutrients). Wipe the inside of the tank or bowl on occasion with a paper towel. You should rarely if ever have
to clean the entire betta home.

When bettas are warm and clean they like to eat! If you look at their little mouths you’ll notice that they point
up indicating that they prefer their food to be on the water’s surface. They prefer freeze dried insect based
foods, but in a pinch, flake food will do. Feeding them once or twice per day is fine, but no more than 3-4
pieces of food at one time. Their stomach is about the size of their eyeball! Overfeeding can cause water
quality and health issues for your betta.

Finally, consider some type of decor for your betta’s home. The looks are not as important to him as you might
imagine, but the ability to feel secure is important. As odd as it sounds; if he feels that he can duck into cover
quickly, he will stay out and interact with you more often. Sand and gravel can make our water changes
awkward, so using marbles on the bottom or no substrate at all may make your life easier and his life healthier.
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